Shame on You, Shame on Me!

What is wrong in the World? It's us, we are all to blame. We are weak in mind, spirit and body. But, it's not all our fault. There are those working hard to keep us down. Again and again, we are faced with the evidence that black-hearted people run our planet.

There are two kinds of people in the World. Those who are content to live their lives and allow others to do the same and others who want to control everything. Government is full of these others, irrespective of their Repulican/Democrat, Right/Left affiliations.

Everything we see in the mainstream media is controlled. There are drugs in the water to make us docile and reduce our intellect. Government is a puppet show, orchestrated by those who are really in control. A small number of global elite are strengthing their grips on every aspect of our lives. They work under the guise of peaceful, humanitarian organizations like the United Nations. They want the World to be under their control. This flies in the face of our national sovereignty and personal freedoms.

The US Constitution was designed to stop our government from getting out of control. Lets get back to the basics. Vote incumbents out! With few exceptions, like Ron Paul, incumbents have sold themselves to the highest bidder.

Doing the right thing is not so terribly hard. Quit eating and drinking things that make you weak, sick and stupid. Eat organic and get the flouride out of your water.

Educate yourself. Get your information someplace besides the mainstream media. Think locally and act locally. Spread the word. Globalism is bad, plain and simple.

Get out of the stock market casino. Invest your money in commodities like land that have actual value, because fiat paper currency is worth less every day and may eventually be worthless.

A perfect home has been given us. The Earth is bountiful enough to satisfy all our needs. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet. We all have the duty to wake up and watch out for each other. Lets get the black-hearts off our backs.

Eric Shinn
August 15, 2010