Eric Shinn Photography
How I work with my clients

Many of my shoots are on location. I tend to bring lots of equipment to the job. Many shoots require a little time beforehand, to select locations and set up lighting. Other shoots require a fast flexible approach with flash on camera to follow a moving situation.

I bill from the time I arrive till I leave with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, billing is in fractions of an hour.

Digital Photography

There are many advantages to shooting digital. We have the latest in Professional Nikon Digital SLR Cameras. Shooting with digital allows instant review of the image, full size on a laptop for unrivaled creative control. I like to shoot this way, even in the field.

No need to wait for film processing and contact sheets or proofs. Every shot is available for immediate use in digital media, publications or output to a conventional color print or high quality archival injet print.

Since all photos are delivered on CD, the client has full access to all the possibilities of the shoot. Schedule a photo shoot and have a CD in hand at the end of the shoot.

Film Photography

Film can be shot instead of, or in combination with digital photography. After the shoot, I will have the film processed and supply a contact sheet from each roll, containing small versions of each image.

I charge for film use and processing. Prints or scans can be ordered by using the numbers on the contact sheet. Scans and prints are charged additionally.

Ownership and Copyright

Eric Shinn owns the negatives or slides and licenses the client to use them. The same conditions apply to digital images. The intention is not to limit the use of the photos by the client but to insure the availablility of the images to their creator.

When you hire a professional photographer you hope for creativity, energy and experience.
Along with these traits, I bring the best in photographic technology to your job.

Please call to discuss your project.
Eric Shinn,