This past January we visited Patty's brother in Manzanillo, Mexico. On the front end of our vacation we took a side trip to visit my son in the SF Bay Area. I shot too many photos for one slide show, so this page is my answer to sharing my experience. Please resize this window as large as possible and then click on the slideshows below. There are also maps and travelogues.

Northern California [travelogue] [map]

Jan 07 - Aaron at IDEO - Downtown San Francisco, to the piers under the Bay Bridge, we visit Aaron at work.
Jan 08 - San Francisco - Exploring Golden Gate Park and Haight Street.
Jan 09 - Aaron, Gina, & Grendel - A dog park for some exercise, then Aaron & Gina cook dinner for us.
Jan 10 - Napa Valley - Aaron drives us to Napa to visit his cousin Ben and see Ben's new land.

Manzanillo, Mexico [travelogue] [Mexico map] [Manzanillo map] [regional map]

Jan 12 - Steve's House - Patty's brother, Steve has a beautiful house on the side of the mountain.
Jan 13 - Manzanillo Dusk - Sunset at the Harbor Entrance Pier.
Jan 14 - Downtown Manzanillo - Steve's friend, Christina takes us on a tour of downtown Manzanillo.
Jan 15 - Steve's yard - The yard is full of wonderful plants.
Jan 16 - La Playa Miramar - Ride the bus to our favorite beach.
Barra de Navidad - We drive up the coast for dinner in small resort town.
Jan 20 - The Iguanas - We visit some botaneros and an iguana preserve.
Jan 21 - El Salto Waterfalls - Steve takes us on a forty mile drive to a beautiful area with waterfalls.
Jan 22 - Jardin de Recuerdos Cemetery - A bus ride to a local cemetery for photos.
Jan 23 - Las Hadas & beaches - A drive out to the resort area and some very beautiful public beaches.

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